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One of the Top 200 UK Cloud providers is looking for New partnersOne of the Top 200 UK Cloud providers is looking for New partners

Since our formation in 2006 Aqilla has seen its business double year on year. Now with user numbers in the thousands, we are looking to take our solutions to the next level - and we are looking for the new partners to help us get there.

10 Questions to Ask when you are evaluating an Accounting System10 Questions to Ask when you are evaluating an Accounting System

As a company grows, it is essential that the accounting and reporting capabilities grow with it. However, selecting the correct accounting solution can be a daunting process. With more than 600 products to choose from in the UK alone, how do you know that you are choosing the right one?

Heartbleed: Is it time to panic?Heartbleed: Is it time to panic?

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library.

What To Do At Year End In Aqilla?What To Do At Year End In Aqilla?

For some of you who operate on a traditional tax year basis for your Financial Year, it's time to move on.

Aqilla Version 1403 is Now OutAqilla Version 1403 is Now Out

Version 1403, the latest release of Aqilla is launched today (Friday 21st March 2014) and the principal enhancements are:

Webinar - How To Save Time & Money With Cloud AccountingWebinar - How To Save Time & Money With Cloud Accounting

In this brief 20 minute webinar we will present all the functions and tools required by effective and successful finance professionals.

Edward Snowden, the NSA, Security in the Cloud and what it means to your BusinessEdward Snowden, the NSA, Security in the Cloud and what it means to your Business

The recent coverage of the activities of ex CIA analyst Edward Snowden has put a spotlight on the security and risk of both business and personal data. Is he a hero or has he done damage to the national security of the Western world? Opinion differs. Some industry analysts would have you believe that the revelations about US government snooping will cost the cloud industry billions. Our CEO Hugh Scantlebury disagrees:

Aqilla BrochureAqilla Brochure

Aqilla offers a whole range of features to make using our software as simple and as straightforward as possible.

Aqilla Product OverviewAqilla Product Overview

Running effortlessly within a web browser, Aqilla’s intuitive software provides users with a system interface that is highly sophisticated yet simple to use, platform agnostic and flexible. Aqilla can be configured to satisfy a wide variety of bespoke requirements.

Partner Executive BriefingPartner Executive Briefing

Affordable access to Aqilla via the internet and regular system updates means little or no interruption to business, allowing organisations to focus on core business competencies. Our aim is to market the product through a dedicated partner programme. It is designed such that together we and our partners work to develop, organise and maintain business facilities and business intelligence to fully and properly exploit the market potential for Aqilla in a given market.

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