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Not everyone is comfortable with change, yet it’s a constant of modern business – particularly when it comes to technology. Whether it’s as a result of new regulatory requirements or improved efficiency, companies are continually looking at the latest technologies and how they can help them.

Recent economic conditions also mean that many businesses have to deliver increased productivity with fewer resources. Aqilla is designed to suit a wide variety of organisations – public, private and not-for-profit - seeking a tailored approach to sharing information, reducing the time taken to complete accounts and deliver reliable financial and management information. In addition it is well suited to 3rd party hosting companies and Professional Firms who wish to offer their clients Aqilla 'Software as a Service' (SaaS).

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Cloud Accounting Case Study

Switch Communications Finds A Simple Answer To A Complicated Problem

Aqilla proposed a new accounting solution for Switch Communications’ Finance Director, Gail Collett which specified what she needed, not what she thought she might want, saving precious time and expense implementing features she might never use. She chose Aqilla over Dynamics because it could solve her complicated analysis needs and put a stop to leaking profits.
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Cloud Accounting Case Study

A Stick Or Twist Decision For Pump Aid UK And Africa

When the accounts team at Pump Aid compared the cost of upgrading SunSystems against implementing Aqilla they made a practical decision and then put new-found funds toward saving more lives. Their new Aqilla Cloud-based system gives them a more robust and reliable solution at a fraction of the cost. Find out more about the benefits of Charity Online Accounting.


Cloud Accounting Case Study

ITN Mark Takes A Leap Of Faith

ITN Mark’s Finance Director, Hetal Panchal went out on a limb by rejecting his Group HQ’s favoured NetSuite in favour of Aqilla. It proved to be better value for money for the UK subsidiary and Aqilla’s Excel interface means HQ has reports in the format it needs. Read more about Recruitment Cloud Accounting Solution.


Cloud Accounting Case Study

Leap Confronting Conflict Gets Smarter, Leaner And Faster

Faced with dramatic grant cuts while needing to meet the Charity Commission’s new reporting demands UK non-profit, Leap Confronting Conflict moved to Cloud-based technologies. Even though SalesForce was the first of their new systems to be installed in the Cloud, they rejected FinancialForce, the vendor’s accounting offer, choosing Aqilla instead.
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Cloud Accounting Case Study

Collaboration Solves Complex Needs For Ristorante Semplice

Marco Torri, Proprietor of Michelin-starred Ristorante Semplice in Mayfair, had previously tried SunSystems and Microsoft Dynamics but neither could meet his reporting needs, proving to be unwieldy. Aqilla teamed up with food and drinks system provider, etc Hospitality to build a simple solution for complex reports. Find out more about Restaurant Cloud Accounting Solution.


Argonaut Protects Their Data Within Cloud Accounting Solution

FCA Cloud AccountingWhen Argonaut Capital went looking for a new, online accounting software, the UK-based business had to be confident that the software would fundamentally comply with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s regulations on data protection and storage. Ruling out FinancialForce and NetSuite, Argonaut chose UK-based Aqilla and it was up and running in less than one month.
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Meeting Public Sector Accounting Requirements with Cloud based Solution

Accounting Software for Public SectorFrom 2015, all offenders who enter prison, even if just for a few days, must serve 12 months under supervision in the community. The new approach will see a change in the existing Probation Service and a far greater role for private and voluntary sector organisations which are to be paid by results. Essex Probation’s Director of Finance and Performance Debbie Came is working with cloud-based accounting solution Aqilla to prepare her systems for reform.
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