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Beyond Bookkeeping

Any business needs to undertake basic bookkeeping and we provide all the key features and functions.

Advanced Ledgers

An alternative to complex in-house accounting systems for companies who have outgrown basic bookkeeping needs.

Supporting Multi-Currency

Multi-lingual and multi-currency options are vital to ensure that cross-country accounting requirements are met.

A Simple Approach to Bank Reconciliation

With Aqilla it is easy to reconcile bank statement against invoices, receipts, payments and charges recorded.


Aqilla's multi dimensional analysis capabilities provide Budgeting and Forecasting information in the core standard product.

Cash Management

Easy to use, fast capture of expense information enables comprehensive analysis of overheads and project costs.


Simple, fast web-based timesheet production and management, backed by a flexible approval workflow process


Easy to use, fast capture of expense information enables comprehensive analysis of overheads and project costs.

Inventory Control

Backed by an extensible product or item catalogue capable of managing anything from a few to thousands of stock items.

Spreadsheet Management

Data can be maintained in the application via the web, meaning data is always available in real-time and accurate in nature.

Document Management & Workflow

Document Entry provides the main facility for entering data into the system.

API Integration

Aqilla uses modern web services and API technology to exchange often used functionality for direct application-to-application.

Integration with Microsoft Excel

With this add-in, the user may very simply analyse live data, update reference data or import transactional data from a worksheet.

Automatic Back Ups & Disaster Recovery

Aqilla’s solutions are continuously and automatically monitored at a system level.

Seeking some further advice?

View the copy of our Brochure or download the whitepaper: "Dispelling the Myths of Accounting in the Cloud" - This paper examines some of the common myths associated with using web-based accounting software and provides a checklist of things to consider when looking at this type of application. You can also speak to one of our solution specialists.

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