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Automatic Back Ups & Disaster Recovery

Aqilla’s solutions are continuously and automatically monitored at a system level. Should a user encounter a problem an email is automatically sent to the solutions support and development team. Telephone support is provided and available during normal business hours ad we endeavour to respond within 4 hours either by e-mail or by telephone (actual response times are however often faster than this).

Backups are done in two ways - a file system and state backup and a database backup. 

Backups are run using a weekly rotation and 28 days retention cycle as standard. This means that every server runs full backup once a week and incremental backups on every other day.The day full backup runs is being scheduled with considerations of server’s load on the day, total line load on the day (amount of other backups scheduled) any other factors related to specific server. Backup status and backup systems reports are emailed from each node to the network operations team.

Users can also  on demand download locally a full backup of their transactional ledger data on a regular basis in CSV format for further safekeeping. Additional services to provide logical database backups are also available upon request.

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Within our Cloud Accounting Software Solution, we combine all the features and tools an effective and successful finance professional needs. We would be delighted to show you what we can do, and how we can work together to grow your business. Contact us to arrange a demo or to request additional information. Call 020 7098 9881 or email

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