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Spreadsheet Management

See videoAccording to research, nearly a quarter of accountants have experienced financial or reputational damage due to spreadsheet errors.


With Aqilla, all data can be maintained in the application via the web, or locally in Microsoft Excel. Making and saving any change in either the core business system or Excel means that the data is always available in real-time and accurate in nature.

Excel IntegrationWith the Microsoft Excel ‘Add-in’ installed, the user may very simply analyse live data, update reference data or import transactional data from an Excel worksheet. In all cases data can be imported into Excel, restructured if necessary to meet the requirement of the web-based application’s document formats and submitted for validation and posting.

Full enquiries can be replicated within a worksheet – Including predefined selections, for example ,to select by account name or period range identifiers. This negates the need to export data – a practice which at once renders the information instantaneously out of date, introduces the risks associated with version control and adds to a possibly overly complex security issue that can lead to questions about access and availability. Such vulnerabilities can be eradicated by removing spreadsheets altogether but that is not practical in a world where users and managers require instant access to easy-to-use data that they can work with. Ensuring any spreadsheets link directly to the data (as opposed to a being an off-line copy) can add real value, save lots of time and reduce errors in reporting.

Data linked directly to the database ensures information is always as accurate and up-to-date as the core finance system. Documents and journals can even be prepared and managed externally using the same approach and then imported into the ledger.

Information may also be collected from a whole range of other third-party external systems. For example, payroll costs supplied from the payroll system, purchase invoices from the document management system, sales invoices from the customer relationship management (CRM) or sales order processing system (SOP), or even account balances from a previous accounting solution.

Installing the Add-In

With this add-in installed, the user may very simply analyse live data, update reference data or import transactional data from an Excel worksheet.  Contact Aqilla for the password to download this Add-In then download the required Add-In tool here.

Seeking further advice?

Request our free whitepaper: "10 ways to drive the Finance Functions with Excel" here. This paper outlines 10 ways to make the most of your spreadsheets.  You can also speak to one of our solution specialists.

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