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With Aqilla, reports may be viewed directly in a web browser (or output to Excel) and can contain both summary and detail views. If a hard copy report is required, the system can generate its output as a PDF file, which can be printed, emailed as an attachment, or exported to a formatted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or CSV file.

Each report can access a set of report profiles that stores the users individual column selection; e.g. whether the un-posted journals are to be included, and details of the columns etc. These profiles can be specific to the user and can be added to, deleted or modified as required. Profiles may also be made available globally but these may not be modified.

Smart Search

To assist in efficient and fast processing of documents, Aqilla has Smart-Search capabilities implemented throughout. When typing data into any Smart-Search field, the system will automatically generate a drop down list of records that includes matching information. Continuing to type will focus the results until the correct item is ultimately selected from the drop down. Smart- Search enables you find information quickly and efficiently, reducing errors in the preparation of documents.

Simple month / period end process

No arduous end of period routines need to be run, in this way Aqilla fits around the business, not the other way round.

Seeking some further advice?

Request our free whitepaper: "5 Tips To Speed Up Month End Reporting" here. This paper looks at the key issues and areas that can be improved upon to alleviate the problem of a slow month end close and provides 5 tips to facilitate a quicker and more efficient month end.  You can also speak to one of our solution specialists.

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