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Financial Reporting

With Aqilla, document views may be created at both a summary and detail level of each of the source document types and ledger transactions. Queries can be constructed to view Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Expense Sheets, etc. showing a summary view based on one or more fields that have been selected to summarise by and more often than not making the requirement to print hard copy reports unnecessary.

The summary views can be expanded into details to show what transactions make up that summary (Drill Down). Similar views can be constructed for the ledger transactions enabling queries by journal, transaction, account, etc.

These views also provide intelligent drill-down capabilities so that information may be examined in different dimensions. For example from an account enquiry, the user could select the journal number to display a journal enquiry for the selected transaction or a transaction enquiry by selecting the transaction reference.

As is the case throughout the rest of Aqilla, column data can be sorted on the fly in ascending, descending and entry sequences.

Smart Search

To assist in efficient and fast processing of documents, Aqilla has Smart-Search capabilities implemented throughout. When typing data into any Smart-Search field, the system will automatically generate a drop down list of records that includes matching information. Continuing to type will focus the results until the correct item is ultimately selected from the drop down. Smart-Search enables you find information quickly and efficiently, reducing errors in the preparation of documents.

Simple month / period end process

No arduous end of period routines need to be run, in this way Aqilla fits around the business, not the other way round.

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