Dear User,

If you have been redirected to this page, it means that you have had the email function in your Aqilla instance disabled. This could be for a couple of reasons:

  • Your Aqilla instance has a high bounce rate (greater than 5%) across all emails.
  • A high complaint rate regarding your emails. 

To solve this issue:

  • Reduce your bounce-rate to lower than 5%.
  • Your Aqilla instance must be configured with a valid email address to which all non-delivery reports (NDRs) will be sent. Review all NDRs you receive and amend your data accordingly.
  • Consider setting up your own email address with Aqilla.
  • Contact Aqilla support. 

Support can be contacted at, by calling +44 (0)20-3150-3843, or by filling out the contact form below. 

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