Accounting Software Has Changed!

So why – despite significant improvements and advances in technology over the past few years – have many organisations not changed their accounting system?

The phrase ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ should never be one used in business and the right tools can help to improve efficiency and productivity across the entire business. But finance often gets left behind as companies enter the digital world.

Today’s finance department is very different from its predecessors. It now exists to support the business by providing information to aid effective investment decisions and corporate governance, as well as to monitor, analyse and influence best practice management.

It’s time to consider Aqilla!


Our users experience an Online Accounting platform that grows with their needs and delivers results in an intuitive and easy to use application. API’s and plugins ensure easy integration into CRM, Business Intelligence, Excel and other backend systems. New customers can be up and running in hours not days, save by not spending money on expensive training/consultancy and removing the ongoing expense of maintenance and management.


COMMERCIALLY – it makes sense and will save money

The traditional model for buying business accounting software was to pay an upfront licence fee and then on-going maintenance or upgrade charges.

This often involved a large initial capital outlay – both in terms of purchasing the software itself and the hardware to run it.

As software has become more complex, it also means companies require specialists in particular types of software to configure, manage and offer support on an on-going basis.

TECHNICALLY – it is much simpler

You no longer need to purchase, configure or maintain your own in-house servers running dedicated database applications.

You can access your data 24 x 7 from anywhere where you can connect to the internet. Affordable access to technology and regular system updates means little or no interruption to business, allowing organisations to focus on core business competencies.

On-demand accounting software solutions are very easy to use, so the need to recruit and retain new staff is dramatically reduced offering further improvements in cost and performance. Straightforward plug and play accounting solutions also mean hugely expensive accounting consultancy bills become a thing of the past.

SECURITY – is assured

Operating your critical business systems in a secure, reliable and well managed UK data centre, providing automatic backup and disaster recovery protection is proven to be more reliable than traditional in-house client-server based configurations.

It is worth noting the bigger risk to many is the possibility of unhappy or unprofessional employees exposing or losing critical data. This is something that could happen with or without a Cloud solution. Effective security and managed workflow as implemented in Aqilla can significantly mitigate such a risk.


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