Corporate Social Responsibility

Aqilla aims to continuously work towards demonstrating good practices across all employee, customer, supplier, community, environment and shareholder criteria as laid out in the Good Corporation standard.

Specifically, Aqilla endeavours to protect and preserve the environment where it operates by:

  1. Assessing its environmental impacts in terms of use of resources (such as materials, energy and water) and production of waste and pollution.
  2. Prioritising its environmental impacts and has a monitored programme for continuous reduction of impacts.
  3. Monitoring compliance with environmental regulations and industry specific codes of practice.

Furthermore, Aqilla has ambitions to actively make the communities in which it works better places to live and do business by:

  1. Understanding what impact the business has on the communities in which it operates and where possible, minimising any negative impacts.
  2. Being aware of and open to dialogue with relevant community groups where there are concerns about the products, services or operations of the organisation.

Why should you be working with Aqilla?

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