Aqilla for Energy and Utilities

Accounting and Finance Software for the Energy Industry

Within the energy industry – high transactional systems coupled with the requirement to gain visibility of overall business performance and consumer accounts is vital.

In this highly competitive market efficient information systems can mean the difference between success and failure. Low prices and good customer service are key factors in attracting and retaining customers and IT has started to play an even greater role in achieving success in both of these areas.

But it’s not just customer-facing systems that need to be efficient. Scalable and flexible finance systems are needed to provide the accurate financial information needed to make sound business decisions. These systems need to be easily integrated with other core systems to ensure information flows freely. They need to be fast and able to scale with the business, provide flexibility and comprehensive reports and be fully compliant and responsive to legislative requirements.

Aqilla is a mid market, “designed for Cloud”, Accounting / Postmodern ERP solution which has been designed specifically to provide agility and adaptability. Additionally it will work alongside any application that utilises an API, which includes:

  • CRM, such as Salesforce
  • HR Systems
  • Specialist Product and Supply Systems
  • Specialist Warehousing and Inventory Systems
  • Plus any other industry-specific systems with API integration.

These capabilities plus consistent availability and ease of use are just some of the reasons Aqilla is the partner of choice for accounting and finance teams with our most recent customer, Octopus Energy, being the latest to benefit.

Find out why Octopus Energy chose Aqilla to simplify accounting and improve business intelligence.

The best thing about Aqilla is its flexibility. The business is growing and there are a lot of demands and requirements on the reporting side.

Octopus Energy
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