Meeting Finance and Accounting needs within the Manufacturing Industry

Accounting and Finance Software for the Manufacturing Industry

The complexities of managing accounting and finance within manufacturing businesses is different to the needs of a business that maintains no inventory.  Rigid inventory control and effective balance sheets are crucial to this industry.

These needs, like everything else in Aqilla, are easily met with a system that can be configured to suit your organisational needs.

Built for the modern enterprise, stock can be easily managed from supply to payment receipt through the use of our highly adaptable inventory mapping tool.

Aqilla is a mid market, “designed for Cloud”, Accounting / Postmodern ERP solution which has been designed specifically to provide agility and adaptability. Additionally it will work alongside any application that utilises an API, which includes:

  • CRM, such as Salesforce
  • HR Systems
  • Specialist Product and Supply Systems
  • Specialist Warehousing and Inventory Systems
  • Plus any other industry-specific systems with API integration.

We have been able to demonstrate that Aqilla can handle their inventory requirement, multiple currencies and purchase to pay in a simple easy to use solution, we could provide business intelligence dash boards and powerful reporting software via Sharperlight

Family run company in Kent
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