Online Accounting and Finance for Charities and Not-For-Profit Organisations

Aqilla are specialist providers of Cloud Accounting solutions to Charities and other Not-for-Profit oranisations seeking: reduced costs, better functionality with no IT headaches and better access to information.

Many charitable and not-for-profit organisations are finding resources and finances stretched in the current economic climate. Budgets are limited and it is extremely important to find efficient and low-priced options. We believe charity accounting suppliers have a part to play in delivering value in the sector.

In recent months we have worked with a large number of such organisations who are constantly having to battle with delivering services whilst keeping costs down. To make things easier we offer standard discounts to all registered charitable organisations and deliver services to help implement our solutions at reduced daily rate. This approach has proved very popular with many clients who see us helping them achieve their goals as supposed to being just another supplier.

The organisations we work with have some key essential requirements ‘from the Cloud’ including:

  • SORP reporting
  • Restricted and unrestricted funds management
  • Straight forward integration with popular fundraising packages
  • Timesheet and expense management

As well as being hugely flexible to meet a diverse range of requirements, Aqilla is incredibly easy to use, fast to set up and delivers the results and functionality you need. Find out more by clicking here to read our White Paper on How to Permanently be on Cloud 9 for Charities and Not-For-Profits.

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