Aqilla Subscription Pricing

To use the service, there are no setup or admin fees. Each company is charged at £11 per month and every instance, in addition to the initial instance, is charged at £17 per instance per month. Enterprise and Professional users have full system access to drive, control and manage all business processes from the payment of suppliers, financial analytics, as well as automatic integration & reconciliation with banking and other line-of-business systems. This tiered approach to user types also supports users who simply need to submit or approve an expense claim to others who are maintaining sophisticated analysis of customers, suppliers, projects, inventory, people, assets and cash. Customers may add additional Professional, Core Service or any other user types at any time at the same prevailing rate.


Per user
per month

Create and approve expenses

Expenses & Timesheets

Per user
per month

Expenses plus ability to create and approve timesheets

Core Service

Per user
per month

Expenses and Timesheets plus:


Create, approve, track and post financial and other transactions across the business


Find, enquire, drill and even update at the press of a button


Analyse, communicate and control

Line of Business

Per user
per month

Core Service plus:


Maintain sophisticated analysis of customers, suppliers, projects, inventory, people, assets and cash


Per user
per month

Line of Business plus:


The financial control desk


Automatically bill customers, pay suppliers, reconcile and match


Tailor to the needs of the enterprise


Per user
per month

Professional plus:


Consolidated group reporting across businesses or manage complex inventory requirements

Note: All prices are exclusive of VAT and local taxes.

Unlike most traditional on-premise solutions there are no other up front CAPEX licence fees; no annual maintenance costs / support fees; no client access charges and no requirement for a customer to employ dedicated database administrators (DBAs).

We provide a range of implementation consultancy services to support the configuration and deployment of our solutions, which can scale from single to many hundreds of users. Aqilla can be implemented based on a standard template approach or configured more rigorously to suit an individual organisation’s requirements.

Additional Services

SharperLight advanced query design, reporting, analytics, dashboards and publishing£36 per user per month
SharperLight Web Users£12 per licence per month
Additional Aqilla companies£11 per company per month
Additional Aqilla instances£17 per instance per month
Aqilla Smart AI (API Connection Fee)£25 per month (support included)
Aqilla Smart AI (API Application fee)£15 per month per application
Consultancy / implementation assistance to help you get up and running£987 per day


Aqilla Smart AI Transaction Call Pricing


Up to 1,000 transactions  (12k per year) per monthFree of Charge
Up to 2,000 transactions (24k per year) per month £3.50 per 1,000 per month
Up to 5,000 transactions (60k per year) per month £3.30 per 1,000 per month
Up to 12,000 transactions (144k per year) per month £2.80 per 1,000 per month

Aqilla Concurrent User Pricing

Concurrent User Pricing Option 1 for volume expense users (inc mobile expenses):

100£60 per month = £720 per year
200£120 per month = £1,440 per year
300£180 per month = £2,160 per year
1,000£600 per month = £7,200 per year
Concurrent User Pricing Option 2 limited to two documents:

100£90 per month = £1,080 per year
200£180 per month = £2,160 per year
300£270 per month = £3,240 per year
1,000£900 per month = £10,800 per year

Why should you be working with Aqilla?

Within our cloud accounting software solution, we combine all the features and tools an effective and successful finance professional needs. We would be delighted to show you what we can do, and how we can work together to grow your business.

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