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Unlike many legacy on-premise solutions, the scale of services required to commission a new web-based system is normally dramatically lower.

Given the flexibility of being web based, some of the stages listed below will also be carried out remotely causing less disruption to the day-to-day activities of your business and further reducing unnecessary travel and expense. Broadly speaking a project is normally divided into four phases:

  1. Phase I - Scope Project Initiation : A meeting between all members of the Project Team and other stakeholders to agree roles, responsibilities and confirm the key business objectives of the project. Instance creation - Aqilla databases are created to support the commissioning of data. Project Team Training - For more sophisticated clients Aqilla normally recommends a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach such that a customer has its own in-house capability to new staff in the use of the areas of the application that are relevant. Aqilla can also provide access to bespoke training resources as required.
  2. Phase 2 - Design Business Mapping : With the benefit of prior knowledge and the assistance of the Aqilla Delivery Consultant, key decisions are made as to the structure of the Chart of Accounts, Business Document definition (and attendant analysis, workflow, authorisation etc.) and Reference Data definition.
  3. Phase 3 - Build System Build : The core system definition is constructed remotely. User Training - This is normally conducted in a separate training instance of the Aqilla application such that your staff may become familiar with the functionality of the solution without any risk to live data. Data Migration - Normally done parallel to Phase 4 and as necessary in line with the Getting Started section on page 24, this is normally done using a combination of Microsoft Excel / and the Aqilla Web-Services API. Acceptance - A checkpoint to ensure the resulting design and instance supports the key objectives of the project.
  4. Phase 4 - Deploy Deployment : Delivery of live login capabilities to end users throughout the organisation. Post implementation review – To confirm the key business objectives agreed in Phase 1 have been met. Future objectives may be scoped out to provide further benefit / capability.

On Going Support

In terms of support, all Aqilla solutions are continuously and automatically monitored at a system level. Should a user encounter a problem an email is automatically sent to our solutions team.

Telephone support is provided and available during normal business hours ad we endeavour to respond within 4 hours either by e-mail or by telephone (actual response times are however often faster than this). All problems and customer requests are logged on a centralised CRM (RSS) and Issue Management System (JIRA).

Due to the “Agile” rapid application development methodology employed by Aqilla, additional software features and enhancements are often made available much more rapidly when compared to a traditional vendor following a 1 to 2 year development cycle.

An additional benefit of this approach is that the Aqilla development team are able to consider and include customer suggestions for additional functionality and enhancements in a much more responsive manner.

Updates to software

Regular updates to Aqilla are made available to all subscribers every 6 to 8 weeks. Such updates often provide incremental features and functions designed to improve the user experience and extend capability at no extra cost the end user. In the main, new functionality is provided on an ‘opt-in’ basis to minimise disruption to those users familiar with the use of the Aqilla application.

Back up considerations

Given the hosted nature of the application, full provision is made automatically for Disaster Recovery and Data Back Up. Specifically a full 28 day backup cycle is maintained at all times. Furthermore it is possible for a user to download locally a full backup of their data on a regular basis in CSV format for further safekeeping.

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