Advanced Financial Ledgers

There are a number of unique challenges facing the modern finance professional: not least is ensuring the efficient and cost effective acquisition, analysis and presentation of core data is done on-demand.

To ensure you meet these challenges, Aqilla has a suite of Advanced Ledgers available:

Class Leading, Multi Currency General Ledger

Using a proven and trusted integrated or combined ledger model, Aqilla operates in real time across multiple periods and multiple user definable calendars to support fiscal and management reporting timelines.

An inherently flexible coding structure combined with account categorisation allows for the grouping of financial information for statutory (GAAP, FASB, IASB, IFRS, FRSSE and Sarbanes-Oxley) or management reporting purposes. Information can be linked and grouped for almost unrivalled hierarchical analysis. Users can opt to start quickly with a ready made template based chart of accounts or construct their own to reflect the needs of their business or organisation.

By combining the integrated ledger model with multiple calendars that securely control posting across open periods, complex month end procedures and data clear-down processes are consigned to history.

Financial and non financial analysis (including text and statistical value data) can be linked to reference information, document headers and / or at line level for budgeting and reporting purposes supporting full spend management, revenue control and unlimited customised break-out reporting.

Invoice to Cash and Debtor Management

Aqilla enables a consistent approach to document tracking from invoice through to payment including: credit checking, clear and flexible aged debtor reporting, support for direct debiting and auto matching of invoices to cash received. This should result in a reduction in debtor days and less bad debts for any organisation. With Aqilla, it is possible to drill from cash payment all the way through to the original invoice document with one click of the mouse.

Purchase to Pay

Full budget and commitment checking, managed workflow and discrete authority management can enhance the overall control of the complete accounts payable process (including accruals). As is the case with debtors, multiple supplier or vendor records can link to a single creditor account which can be helpful when dealing with multiple locations or branches. Aqilla allows you to analyse what is due in seconds and present a summary by account offering drill facilities to add or remove specific payments based on need. Based on this you can then confirm a payment, generate remittances and / or BACS output.


A very common need is clients or sales people requesting a copy invoice. This demonstration shows how, with Aqilla, the searching, selecting and sending process is quick and easy.


In our industry, it is essential to be able to identify and allocate individual client costs from a single supplier invoice in order to control profitability. Unlike other suppliers, Aqilla didn’t show me the shape of the product, they asked me about our business and the implementation was shaped to fit. I knew it was going to work from both a product and a relationship perspective.

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