Seamless integration across your business

Works seamlessly with the other software used across your business including - but not limited to - Excel, CRM, and HR.

Ensure Seamless Integration Across Your Business

All successful organisations implement the same practice to their business model: employ staff with the right skills for the job, then get them to work together. So why not approach your business systems the same way?

Aqilla is a Postmodern ERP solution, which means it has been created to be one part of your organisation’s operations.

The philosophical heart of this approach is to enable organisations to select the systems that best fit their needs, so that you are able to choose the best-fit CRM, HR, Supply-Chain and Finance systems that all work together.

How do the systems work together?

Systems like Aqilla use APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to communicate with each other. APIs work as a translator between the systems, ensuring that the data being sent and received is correctly automated.

For example, one organisation used their Microsoft CRM to manage their contracts and renewals. Aqilla were able to create a communication between the two systems, ensuring that whenever a renewal was due, an invoice would be automatically created in Aqilla. The automation of the process saved time for the client, whilst ensuring that the process was less subject to human error.

Aqilla will work alongside any application that utilises an API, included but not limited to:

  • CRM, such as Salesforce
  • HR Systems
  • Specialist Product and Supply Systems
  • Specialist Warehousing and Inventory Systems

Plus any other industry-specific systems with API integration.

Excel Integration

We understand that Excel spreadsheets are an essential tool for many accounting departments across the world. When you elect to ‘export’ data to a CSV or native Excel spreadsheet, the data is historic. Out of date data can become a liability whilst decisions are being made; wouldn’t it be better to ensure you are always working with live data?

Aqilla’s own Excel Add-in feature means that you won’t need to fundamentally change the way your department works. With the Excel Add-in installed – an authorised user can:

  • Logon to Aqilla via MS Excel
  • Edit existing reference data
  • Create new reference data
  • Delete existing reference data
  • Upload new documents
  • Manage budget data
  • Make account and ledger enquiries
  • Troubleshoot Add-in issues
  • Analyse live data
  • Import transactional data

Aqilla’s Excel integration is much better than that of FinancialForce or NetSuite.We use Microsoft Excel for everything across the business; posting journals, the balance sheet, reporting and everything which supports month end. It makes it so much easier when the process with Excel is straightforward.

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Cloud based accounting application integration using the API. Demonstration of integrating, processing and loading data from another application into Aqilla.

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