Seamless integration with software across your business

Keep pace with change and transform your business.

Are you tired of seeing investment across the business that can’t integrate with your finance infrastructure? Aqilla is a finance platform that integrates with the rest of the business thanks to inclusion of APIs and plugins as standard.

Seamless Integration

Aqilla uses modern web services and API technology to expose and exchange often used business functionality for direct application-to-application access of interaction. This is in the form of processes, messages, or documents. This enables totally seamless integration with MICROSOFT EXCEL, CRM, HR, order processing and other operational systems such as, F&B Manager, PayPal, Obillex and many others. All web services are highly interoperable and reusable and there is an increasing number of such services in the public domain. These are designed to provide information from up to date currency rates through to identification authentication and consignment shipment status, the systems make good use of these where relevant.

Unlike many other solutions, Aqilla comes fully equipped with a Microsoft Excel Add-in; a RESTful API, built in workflow (Smart-Tasks), built-in event management (Smart-Events), built in Business Intelligence (Smart-KPIs); built-in document management (either integral or linked to 3rd party solutions such as Dropbox for Business) and a fast data retrieval service (Smart-Search).

In addition to all the financial reports in the system being viewed directly via the web browser; any of the data in the system may be published using a web service in summary and detail forms and from here shared, processed (with full validation still being managed by Aqilla), printed, output to PDF or emailed as an attachment.


Cloud based accounting application integration using the API. Demonstration of integrating, processing and loading data from another application into Aqilla.


Spreadsheets & Excel Salesforce CRM

Aqilla’s Excel integration is much better than that of FinancialForce or NetSuite.We use Microsoft Excel for everything across the business; posting journals, the balance sheet, reporting and everything which supports month end. It makes it so much easier when the process with Excel is straightforward.

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