Integrate finance data with Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is one of the world's most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Because SalesForce and Aqilla are both highly configurable solutions, each customer implementation can be tailored to suit differing requirements.

Salesforce integration
Once Salesforce and Aqilla have been configured according to the business requirements, Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) definitions are generated within SalesForce and then mapped by the Aqilla developer team through a semi-automatic process to generate the code specific to the customer implementation.

Salesforce has a system of events raised when something changes, similar to Aqilla's workflow. These events can be "handled" in one or another way, one of which is that SalesForce will generate an outbound web services call made according to a specification for example when a business entity is placed to a "finalised" state, i.e. it reaches an ending stage of a business process and it is appropriate to import it, as a document, to Aqilla, and post it to Ledger (an order or an invoice for example).

In operation, messages can be received by Aqilla from Salesforce in any order. In particular, order details are received as separate messages to order headers, so an internal buffering system enables Aqilla to build complex documents consisting of multiple messages prior to processing them into the application.

A messaging system is used to identify any errors back to Sales force such as missing or invalid data. Salesforce also has a message redelivery system that automatically resends the messages in case of Aqilla unavailability or transmission failure.

In one recent implementation confirmed opportunities are passed as Sales Invoices to Aqilla along with a user defined payments document, generated through the PayPal payment processing system. Reference information can be maintained manually or passed across using the same mechanism.


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Aqilla worked with us to design the process and also with our Salesforce agent to create the integrated system which now meets everyone’s needs.