Budgeting, cash and expense management

Simplicity, efficiency, and speed with approaches tailored to your organisational needs.

Budgeting, cash and expense management

Aqilla’s approach to budgeting, cash and expense management has efficiency at its heart.

We work with all of our clients to deliver software that can be customised to your organisational needs, with short implementation times, so that you have access to the detail you require in an instant.


  • All of your budgeting requirements can be easily managed via Aqilla’s Budget Ledger. 
  • Manage your budgets however you need, whether that is via a project, team/department, individual, expense type or other
  • Drill-down from anywhere to find the details of any given transaction, expense type or account 
  • Like the rest of Aqilla, the Budget Ledger is highly customisable to suit your organisational needs
  • Easily upload data with the Excel add-in
  • Produce real-time, complex financial reports that are engineered to give you the clearest data


  • Easily approve Expenses via homepage gadgets
  • All staff can easily submit expenses 
  • Memorise expense input to speed up processing 
  • Adjustable Mileage rates for individuals

Bank reconciliation

  • Quickly and easily reconcile bank statements against invoices, receipts, payments and charges recorded within Aqilla.
  • Easily upload OFX files (common banking statement format) to Aqilla and it will automatically identify proposed matches in a clear and concise manner.


Easy to use, fast capture of expense information enables comprehensive analysis of overheads and project costs. Scanned images of receipts can be attached at a line level that not only reduces the burden of paper but can speed up the whole process and makes dealing with a mobile workforce even more efficient.

Cash management

Document tracking for:

  • Invoice through to payment 
  • Credit checking 
  • Clear and flexible aged debtor reporting 
  • Support for direct debiting 
  • Auto matching of invoices 
  • Cash received

Ability to drill from cash payment all the way through to the original invoice document with one click of the mouse.

The Government’s transparency policy and makes all expenditure over £500 publicly available. It was vital for LGBCE to be able to record this information accurately and report it in a meaningful way

Local Government Boundary Commission for England Use Aqilla To Improve Transparency.
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