Secure and Compliant Finance Software

Finance and Accounting Software that is always up-to-date and UK based data centres ensure security and full EU GDPR compliance.

Many commentators testify that operating your critical business systems in a secure, reliable and well-managed data centre providing automatic backup and disaster recovery protection proves more reliable than traditional in house client-server based configurations.

GDPR Compliance

Organisations that deal with us can count on the fact that Aqilla is committed to GDPR compliance, both as data processors of our customers’ data and as data controllers of our own. As providers of Cloud Accounting Finance and Accounting software, we continue to only hold data that directly relates to communications we conduct with business professionals that would be interested in our technology. This includes partners, prospects and people within third party affiliate organisations.


We are happy to share our stance on this critical requirement and provide details of the changes we have made.

Application User Security & Control

Furthermore there are lots of features in the product to control user access. Apart from using a secure encrypted connection, users need to have three tokens of information to access data for any particular instance or company in Aqilla.

Once logged in, role based permissions come in to play providing flexible or restricted access to certain functions (this also applies to actuals, budget or forecast data as well). In addition Enquiry Data Filters restrict views to that which the user is entitled. As well as a full transaction audit trail (with additional logging of corrections to journals etc.), the user can be set to provide a full log of additions, deletions and changes made to standing reference data (e.g. people changing bank data, credit limits etc.).

Data Security

All Aqilla data-centres are located in the United Kingdom. The principle locations are UKFast’s data-centre’s based in Manchester. These data-centres provide secure and resilient hosting services based on industrial best practice and in 2010 became the first hosting provider in the world to achieve carbon neutral status under BSI PAS 2060. The systems management operation runs 365 days per year, 24 hours a day.

In addition, with regular improvements having being made to the product and data centre architecture, the system has been reliably available since it’s mainstream release in June 2008 for 99.999% of the time (excluding planned maintenance and updates).


Backups are done in two ways – a file system and state backup and a database backup. These are run using a weekly rotation and 28 days retention cycle as standard. This means that every server runs full backup once a week and incremental backups on every other day. The day full backup runs is being scheduled with considerations of server’s load on the day, total line load on the day (amount of other backups scheduled) any other factors related to specific server.

Backup status and backup systems reports are emailed from each node to the network operations team. Users can also on demand download locally a full backup of their transactional ledger data on a regular basis in CSV format for further safekeeping. Additional services to provide logical database backups are also available upon request.


Aqilla is a modern cloud based accounting solution designed to suit the needs of mid-sized organisations, remotely and 24/7, saving money and time. We combine all the features and tools you need to be a successful finance professional.

As we acquire more companies, we will integrate them into our preferred brokerage systems, all of which are Cloud-based. That way, we can find more efficient ways to store and integrate data across the group with Aqilla at the core.