Inventory Control and Order Fulfilment

Aqilla provide a range of Inventory Control designed to support the needs of the modern enterprise. Stock can be managed from the supply to delivery and invoicing using a highly adaptable inventory mapping tool.

Users can configure the system to behave in the way they want it to. An organisation can process anything from a few to thousands of discrete stock items and can scale to manage the buying and selling of products on demand, 24 x 7 from anywhere.

Images of products can be stored along with extended descriptions, notes, costing and allocation methods. Serial and batch numbers can be added to documents as along with other analysis and statistics as required. Processing is managed by way of an extremely adaptable Inventory Journal Line Mapping tool which allows Aqilla users to configure the system to the way they need it to behave.

No more ancient or cumbersome ERP solutions

Business no longer has to pause to work out what products are on order, in stock or allocated to customer demand. With Aqilla Inventory Control users benefit from:

  • 100% and immediate visibility of stock availability
  • Accurate costing
  • A straightforward Event or Document-driven interface
  • Built-in Workflow to support the business process from order and supply to customer receipt, automatically converting between units of supply, storage and issue
  • Integration with 3rd party fulfillment and supply solutions via Enterprise RESTful APIs
  • Built in Smart KPIs to minimise inventory by providing timely provision of what is needed when it is needed

Invoice to Cash & Debtor Managment

A consistent approach to document tracking from invoice through to payment, credit checking, clear and flexible aged debtor reporting, support for direct debiting and auto matching of invoices to cash received should result in a reduction in debtor days and less bad debts for any organisation. With Aqilla, it is possible to drill from cash payment all the way through to the original invoice document with one click of the mouse.

Purchase to Pay

Full budget and commitment checking, managed workflow, discrete authority management enhance overall control of the complete accounts payable process (including accruals). As is the case with debtors, many supplier or vendor records can link to a single creditor account when dealing with multiple locations or branches. Aqilla allows you to analyse what is due in seconds, present a summary by account and offer drill facilities to add or remove specific payments based on need before confirming payment, generating cheques and remittances (which can be automatically emailed) and / or BACS output.


See how Aqilla can be used to allow inventory adjustments based on a physical stock take.