Multi-currency as standard

Robust functionality provides real-time analysis for any period

Simple Approach to Multi-Currency Transactions

Multi-lingual and multi-currency options are vital to ensure that cross-country accounting requirements are met.

While easy access to accounting data from different locations allows employees, business partners and customers to quickly add or retrieve information, providing a solid foundation on which a mid-sized organisation can grow.

Using a proven and trusted integrated or combined ledger model, Aqilla operates in real time across multiple periods and multiple user definable calendars to support fiscal and management reporting.

Fast Start. Easy Access.

An inherently flexible coding structure combined with account categorisation allows for the grouping of financial information for statutory (GAAP, FASB, IASB, IFRS and Sarbanes-Oxley) or management reporting purposes. Information can be linked and grouped for almost unrivalled hierarchical analysis. Users can opt to start quickly with a ready made template based chart of accounts or construct their own to reflect the needs of their business or organisation.

By combing the integrated ledger model with multiple calendars which securely control posting across open periods, complex month end procedures and data clear-down processes are consigned to history.

Financial and non financial analysis (including text and statistical value data) can be linked to reference information, document headers and / or at line level for budgeting and reporting purposes supporting full spend management, revenue control and unlimited customised break-out reporting.

Shard Capital Gains from Aqilla’s Rich Functionality and Low Price Point

Frustrated with a lack of functionality and cumbersome reporting, the company’s CFO recognised the need for software which could provide a better way to manage the growing company’s accounting information and contribute valuable insights.