Track project time & costs

Timesheet management and project costing is simple, searchable and customisable.

Timesheets and project costing

Ensuring that your organisation’s project costing and timesheet management is accurate doesn’t need to be an arduous task. Aqilla’s approach to timesheet management and project costing is simple, searchable and customisable to suit your organisation’s requirements.


Aqilla’s flexible approach to timesheets include:

  • Web-based timesheets, accessible from anywhere
  • Flexible approval workflow process
  • Timesheet documents can be copied to simplify repeated document entries
  • Timesheets can be linked to projects

Project costing

Aqilla’s ability to manage your projects includes:

  • Full project-costing suite
  • Create, edit and manage project costs
  • Complex, customised analysis on project costs and revenue
    Associate rates (by people and time types) with a project
  • Flexible approval workflow process
  • Definable expense types for simple dealing with VAT and tax.


A simple and effective approach to timesheet management from Aqilla

By far, the most valuable feature in Aqilla for us must be the way in which it handles projects, allowing us to produce accurate reports and statements at any point in time.

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