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Leading charity select Aqilla's Cloud Accounting technology (and they've never looked back).Leading charity select Aqilla's Cloud Accounting technology (and they've never looked back).

Back in 2009 Leap Confronting Conflict faced a number of key business issues. Grants were outstripping the capabilities of their existing systems.


With a need to boost income Leap invested time and money in upgrading membership systems

Working hard to meet targets in terms of service delivery, the organisation faced a mountain of paper based information (some 7000-8000 records). A challenge came with the governmental review of grants which saw income fall dramatically.

At the same time the Charities Commission demanded a number of improvements as part of the regular audit process. The paper systems and legacy accounting system (Quickbooks) that Leap was using at the time could no longer cope. So the management team turned to modern cloud based solutions. was the first cloud system to be introduced.

This was rolled out across the country providing full documentation of activity, progression, bidding and preparation. All contracts of supply and delivery were stored electronically in this new web based system. It was then the turn of finance. Quickbooks proved incapable of being integrated with SalesForce, whilst FinancialForce lacked the required functionality especially in terms of providing analysis by project and funding source.

After a great depth of quality research, Leap decided that Aqilla matched their requirements. There was an immediate benefit in terms of financial reporting and analysis. The basics were in place from day one including full SORP reporting.

Looking back at the solution the management team at Leap conceded the system did do all that was asked including the provision of management and project information down to providing a full net profit and loss for each one on demand for any given period. Transactions are automatically processed including receipts of donations, course invoices, purchase invoices, payments and orders. The system saves a huge amount of time and staff administration – estimated to be in the range of £40k per year. Purchase invoices are circulated for authorisation and scanned documents are saved in Aqilla.

Remittances are circulated to suppliers via email at the push of a button. Using a cloud or web based accounting solution resolved the issue of having to have in house file servers. Accessible from any location (all you need is a browser) the users report very fast response times. The Auditors subsequently gave Leap a glowing report on their administration.

The system is working well and continues to deliver results in a timely and effective manner.

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