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How To Recognise And Avoid Key Issues When Moving To The New Generation Of SaaS Or Cloud Accounting Solutions?How To Recognise And Avoid Key Issues When Moving To The New Generation Of SaaS Or Cloud Accounting Solutions?

The advent of cloud computing has completely changed the working process. It delivers high performance and flexibility to the user within a secure environment, just some of the reasons 1000s of companies have made the move.


Brilliant? Yes. Yet there is still room for improvement especially around the holy trinity of Ease of use, Security and Functionality.

What is right for you? Do your homework. Find the most suitable solution for you.  Working with a trusted supplier who can explain in how the current situation business in simple terms can be very helpful as well. Consider the key benefits and how they relate to your business:

Do you want to save money?

Do you want a modern application that is easy to use?

Do you just want book-keeping (if so go for Sage or Xero) or do you require more advanced functionality that supports multi currency, accruals, automatic bank reconciliation and budgeting etc.?

Is a Cloud solution really going to benefit your organisation - giving your team the information they need, on demand, any time from anywhere?

Do you want to give your accountants and other trusted parties access? I guess you do, after all why wouldn’t you?

You probably don’t want to spend 40 days implementing your new finance system, right? Just some rules, some training, a browser...what else do you need?

Security, security, security - yep, enough. No more data "outside the walls" of the finance system. Those laptops. Those spreadsheets. You need proper security. Answers from live data. No more the proliferation of spreadsheets to provide answers. Answers from live data. Answers from information stored within the live Finance system, note some derivation thereof.

Automatic Backups & Disaster Recovery - yes, why not? If it’s standard, give it to me. I can save even more money. I am sure others may want to as well.

No brainer. Just do it. As @AccountingWebUK recently reported of Ian Fletcher & Gordon Gilchrist speaking at the Accountancy 2020 Conference held last week and noted on Twitter:

"Streamline your systems by department, use cloud accounting software to do this."

“Have a strategy & policies for mobile working, BYOD and social media.”

"Knowledge sharing platforms are the most important asset you've got."

“..materially record & share knowledge within firms to create a competitive advantage.”

"There's no reason not to go cloud. It's better, it's cheaper.”

Your call…

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