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New Aqilla Functionality - 1310 ReleasedNew Aqilla Functionality - 1310 Released

We are pleased to announce the first of two linked releases of Aqilla. The principal enhancements in version 1310 are as follows:


Aged Analysis 

A new Cut Off Date option has been added to the Aged Analysis Reports that enables you to cut off transactions to a specific Period. The Totals shown against each account will correspond and match to the totals displayed in a Financial Report such as the Trial Balance or Balance Sheet. 

The Cut Off Date options are:

  • None – Any transactions dated (according to the Report By date criteria) after the Base Date are included in the < 31 Days column

  • Report – Transactions dated (according to the Report By date criteria) after the supplied date are excluded from the report

  • Period – Transactions with a Period Date after the supplied date are excluded from the report

Automatic Bank Reconciliation

When marking transactions to be matched using the check boxes, it is now possible to navigate to another function within Aqilla such as entering Bank Transactions without losing your selections - internally we refer to these as "Sticky Selections". When you navigate away from Automatic Bank Reconciliation, Aqilla will ask if the user wishes to save the selections. Note that these selections are only saved within the current logged in session. If the user logs out or the session times out due to lack of activity, these check box settings will be lost.

Transaction Status

The Transaction Status view now provides the option to directly drill through to view the source document. This can be useful when deciding which invoices to pay allowing the user to easily view the original document and any associated attachments. 

Viewing Long Data

There are occasions due to the length of some data being held in Aqilla that all the data in a field may not be completely visible in an enquiry. Aqilla now displays the full data in a pop-up display when the cursor is moved over a field on the screen (a bit like a data tool tip). This applies to any display field (i.e. any field that is not available for data entry purposes).

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