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SEO: With Google’s Latest Move What Can You Do To Stay Ahead Of The Competition?SEO: With Google’s Latest Move What Can You Do To Stay Ahead Of The Competition?

We like a lot of other companies use Google to drive draw to our web site in order to explain more about our range of Cloud based Accounting and Business Solutions.


You may not be aware but a few months ago Google made some changes which has resulted in us (and many others) in having to rethink their strategies to improve SEO. The key change was that Google announced that they were switching to the 100% secure search which meant that when someone searched on Google and clicked through a link, the site owner cannot see the keywords that were used in the original search. Instead to us and countless others such information is merely labelled as “not provided” which is not very helpful, is it?

So what is the future of SEO?

One of the unofficial theories of “Why did Google make this change?”  is that companies will now be more motivated to pay for AdWords. On the other hand: Does AdWords really work for all the businesses? The unfortunate answer is “No”. A look at the average (Google) Analytics report shows AdWords is bringing lots of visitors but what about the quality? How many of them are real prospective leads or customers? The fact is that in many cases the percentage is marginal.

Jill Whalen, known in certain circles as ‘the Queen of SEO’ (no, sadly she doesn’t get to wear a crown, but a lot of people do bow down to her) declared the IT equivalent of an abdication when she recently announced that she had ‘moved on’ from SEO. Jill stated: “Today’s SEO blogs and conferences are bursting with SEO consultants talking about how, when you create amazing websites and content for your users, the search engines will follow” adding that her voice is not anymore necessary.

The truth is that the biggest secret of SEO is not so secret anymore. Anyone can do it.

The main question is still open: How can the companies use Google to get more leads?

Well after much research we have uncovered some very useful tips that will help you to improve your SEO in the new era of the less-than-helpful “Secured Google Search” :

  • Have a properly efficient website

Ask yourself (honestly): “Is the website easy to navigate?” “Can the visitors easily find all the information they want?”. Original and engaging content is still the key to success. Always write original, engaging content AND make sure you keep it up to date.

  • Keywords research

The good thing is that you can still see the historical keywords in your analytics. OK, so this will whither in time but for now use the strongest terms that are applicable to your website content. Use the range of analytical tools (provided in the main for free) that are on offer including the Google Keyword Planner, CPC Analytics as well as hand cranked competitive analysis of what your peers are up to.

  • Link building

No matter what industry your business does, effective link building between your own and other 3rd party web sites will always bring results. Link to bona fide reputable sites and niche directories to link back to your site, and don’t forget that it is important to have as many good quality links which go to different pages across your site as is possible. Got a link on the ICAEW or G-Cloud web site? Go get some more.

  • Social Media

We love Social Media, and so should everyone who wants to grow their business. Social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn et al enable you to engage with customers, stakeholders and organisations in order to build an engaged audience for your products and services.  It needn’t be hard. You do not need a specialist agency or a dedicated PR team to do it. All you need is a Twitter account and some content that will inform, inspire and entertain your customers.

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