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Cloud vs. Carbon - Observations From The Charity Finance Group IT Conference 2013Cloud vs. Carbon - Observations From The Charity Finance Group IT Conference 2013


Last year we supported the CFG IT Conference. Charity Finance Group is the charity that champions best practice in finance management in the voluntary sector.  As promised by the CFG it was a great day and the seminars were extremely interesting. 

The following benefits of moving to the cloud were heavily stressed throughout the day;

  • Eco friendly
  • Environment friendly
  • Financial savings
  • Makes life simple

Being a cloud accounting provider we have always known that moving to the cloud has huge environmental benefits, but even we were surprised to find out that LionHeart (a charity who provide a range of services from befriending and emotional support to counselling) saved the equivalent of the weight of a double decker bus in carbon by switching to the cloud. 

Imagine how much carbon could be saved if even a small percentage of UK businesses switched from hosted services to the cloud!

Roger Chester, head of finance and administration gave an excellent presentation on his journey from changing the in house IT infrastructure at LionHeart to the cloud. Roger was open about his fears and concerns connected with moving to the cloud and one thing that became apparent was the associated worry over how to choose potential suppliers.

We released a white paper a while ago now that covers 10 questions you should ask any cloud supplier. Here's a few of our tips;

1. What are the costs and timeframes associated with implementation?

2. How easy is it to use and how much training does it require? 

3. Are security and back-up taken care of automatically?

 To read this white paper in full you are welcome to download it for free here.

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