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The Benefits Of Using TimesheetsThe Benefits Of Using Timesheets

How many of you hate timesheets? What is it about timesheets that brings so many of us out in an irrational cold sweat, fever or even hiding under our desks in the hope that they will go away? Or maybe we should rephrase that question: how many of you love timesheets? No one? Ah, yes, up go a couple of hands from the Finance department at the back and your boss sitting at the front. And they have good reason to love timesheets. So while it may be unlikely to get anyone else to love timesheets, here’s we can start to like them.


Timesheets can be done on Cloud.
That’s the biggest breakthrough. That alone isn’t enough reason to like timesheets, but let’s look at why this really benefits a company and it’s employees.

Eliminate Paper

Working in the Cloud has become as normal and efficient as using the internet. More and more organisations are moving to the cloud and it helps them to go green. It’s easier and more efficient to store all your documents online or simply on your desktop. Reduce paper use - reduce expenses and save the storage room. Makes sense?

Save Time

What if you knew the amount of time you need to spend with each customer? What if you could use the remaining time for other work? It’s all possible! Track the time needed for each task and you’ll be surprised how much time it will save you. Just think how accurate, in this case, your agenda is going to look like. You don’t even need to write anything, just complete it online.

Access Anytime from Anywhere

This advantage is so obvious that it doesn’t even make sense to explain it. Old paper timesheets used to be stored with supervisors or senior employees, which made it very difficult for employees to get access to them. And at the same time, as we all know paper can be lost, which means all the tracks are lost with it. Solution? Store this data online where you can access it whenever and wherever you want.

Make the Business more Profitable

Employee time tracking is highly important for running a more efficient and profitable business. Knowing and tracking the amount of time spent on particular tasks will help to analyse the quality of employee performance and productivity. In addition, the most strategic use of timesheet data is the long term planning. In this case you can use the information to better estimate the future projects. A more profitable business benefits everyone: better systems, less waste, better results, greater success, more pay and benefits. So maybe timesheets aren’t so bad after all.

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