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Aqilla Version 1403 Is Now OutAqilla Version 1403 Is Now Out

Version 1403, the latest release of Aqilla is launched today (Friday 21st March 2014) and the principal enhancements are:


Multi-Period Miscellaneous Documents

A new variant of the Miscellaneous document (Miscellaneous Multi Period) has been added to the system that allows you to create a document that will post to multiple periods within the same journal; this is ideally suited to accounting for Deferred Income and/or Cost Accrual. When creating the document you specify against each line which period the line should be posted to by entering the Period Date.

Before the document can be posted, the system will check that each period will balance to zero.

The system additionally checks that the earliest period specified in the document is in the current period. This is to prevent posting into a closed period. Future periods must be defined in Period Configuration but they do not have to be set as Entry Enabled.

The document is also supported by the Excel add-in enabling “templated” documents to be quickly generated.

Timesheet and Expenses Entry

When a user has been setup with Timesheet Administrator or Expense Administrator Roles they may enter these documents on behalf of other users. However, they are limited to only the people within their own Department.

Occasionally it is required that this administrator should be able to enter documents for people irrespective of their Department. Two new Roles have been added to the system to give this “super user” privilege. These Roles are named: Super Timesheet Entry and Super Expenses Entry.

To implement, simply add these Roles to the user’s existing roles.

Ledger and Current Period Selection

There have been some usage issues reported when using certain browsers particularly on tablets and mobile phones making it difficult for the user to change these selections.

These controls have been modified to a consistent design and tested on a wide range of devices.


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