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Inventory Control In The CloudInventory Control In The Cloud

Modern functionality has replaced many old-fashioned work practices, and such change continues apace. As envisioned by us and demanded by the marketplace, today we are pleased to announce the introduction of a range of new Inventory Control functionality for the Aqilla Cloud based accounting and business solution.

Change is a constant, especially when it comes to modern business technology.

Inventory Control for business today

Inventory Control is designed to support the needs of the modern enterprise. Stock can be managed from the supply to delivery and invoicing using a highly adaptable inventory mapping tool. It allows Aqilla users to configure the system to behave in the way they want it to.

An organisation can process anything from a just a few to thousands of discrete stock items. The system can scale to manage the buying and selling of products on demand, 24 x 7 from anywhere.  

Finally, there’s an industrial class solution that can do it all in the Cloud.

No more ancient or cumbersome ERP solutions

Aqilla’s new inventory and stock management functionality is completely integrated into the rest of the solution. Unlike some other products, this is not just a bolt on solution.

The system now gives users what they need to buy, stock and sell - the pervasive capability to move, monitor and account is immediate and accurate.

How much Stock? Don’t stop, carry on...

Having implemented the new functionality a business no longer has to pause to work out what products are on order, in stock or allocated to customer demand. With Aqilla Inventory Control users benefit from:

  • 100% and immediate visibility of stock availability

  • Accurate costing

  • A straightforward Event or Document-driven interface

  • Built-in Workflow to support the business process from order and supply to customer receipt, automatically converting between units of supply, storage and issue

  • Integration with 3rd party fulfillment and supply solutions via Enterprise RESTful APIs

  • Built in SmartKPIs to minimise inventory by providing timely provision of what is needed when it is needed

More great functionality in the Cloud

Inventory Control provides support for the storing images of individual products against the respective SKU. It also gives extended descriptions, notes, costing and allocation methods. Serial and batch numbers can be added to documents along with other analysis and statistics as required.

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