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Version 1406 Is Out NowVersion 1406 Is Out Now

We are pleased to announce a whole range of new enhancements available in the latest release of Aqilla, the leading mid range Cloud based accounting and business solution.


Inventory Control

The new Inventory or Stock Control functionality is designed to support the needs of the modern enterprise. Stock can be managed from the supply to delivery and invoicing, which uses a highly adaptable inventory mapping tool. It allows Aqilla users to configure the system to behave in the way they want it to. An organisation can process anything from a just a few to thousands of discrete stock items. The system can scale to manage the buying and selling of products on demand, 24 x 7 from anywhere. The system now gives users what they need to buy, stock and sell. In addition, the pervasive capability to move, monitor and account is immediate and accurate.

A range of new functions enables details of inventory transactions to be controlled through a number of different document types. As well as the financial data, each document can be configured to capture information relevant to your business processes and through the system's mapping functionality this can be recorded against the inventory transactions for analysis and processing purposes.

The additional inventory functionality is enabled by selecting the Inventory Enabled flag in the Company Information under the Configuration tab.

The principal changes to note include:

1. Items – the existing Items function under the 'Reference' tab has been enhanced to maintain additional information necessary for inventory management. The inventory specific data has been included into a collapsible section in the view so that a user can easily see the main information or all the data. In addition images of products are now supported to aid identification.

2. Item Units - the existing 'Item Units' function under the Reference tab has been enhanced to provide automatic conversion between different units of measure. For example, an item may be purchased in boxes of 100, stored as each and sold in dozens. The documents will automatically convert between the different types of unit and only allow valid combinations that have conversion rates defined.

3. Inventory Documents – Three new document types have been defined in the system for:

  • Inventory Receipt
  • Inventory Issue
  • Inventory Transfer

These documents are designed for moving items into and out of stock within an organisation where not supported by a purchase or sales order. These documents are controlled by the Movement Type function under the Configuration tab and can be used to create variations in behaviour of the three main type of movement document.

4. Goods Receipts, Sales and Purchase Invoices – These documents have been enhanced to recognise items that are being inventory controlled and update inventory when the document is posted.

5. Item & Inventory Enquiries – Two new enquiry functions have been included to provide detail enquiries either by individual item or across a range of items showing all movements of stock.

6. Attribute Wizard – An additional optional option in the configuration wizard enables attributes to be passed to inventory. Thus when an attribute is added to a document it can be passed to the ledger, inventory, or both.

Aqilla user configuration

To help manage your users the Personnel summary view under the 'Reference' tab has been enhanced to display each person's User Type. This will indicate the charge rate that is being applied for each user.



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