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Additional Projects, Inventory and FX Functionality Released in AqillaAdditional Projects, Inventory and FX Functionality Released in Aqilla

October has seen two closely coupled releases which introduce a range of new features for Aqilla's users.


Foreign Exchange Journal Pre-sets

For users trading in multiple foreign currencies it is now possible to configure pre-set values for attributes or projects on the foreign exchange journals created by the Transaction Matching, Payments, and Debits processes.

Copy Projects

A new option has been added to the Projects and Project Edit function to copy the project details from the selected project including any Person Rates that have been defined. This is very useful when doing repeat work or creating a project similar in structure to one done previously.

Timesheet Entry

By way of a reminder users should be aware that Timesheets are capable of being restricted by both defined person rates and effective dates. The presence of one project rate on a project restricts it such that only those people with defined rates can book time against it.  In addition if the project is not within the the defined effective dates it also hidden from view.

Alternative Account & Account Category Names

An alternative name has been added to all account types and the account categories. The alternative name may be selected in Financial Reports as an alternative or additional name to be shown on the reports. These alternative names may be maintained through the web views or the Excel add-in. The main intended use of these alternative names is to be able to report simultaneously in two languages.


In line with their greater use within inventory, the Company Delivery Addresses function under the Configuration tab has now been renamed Locations.

Inventory Auto-matching

For users of Inventory Control, when carrying out an inventory issue, the system will  now by default automatically match the stock issue against the stock receipt transactions in the same Location on a First In First Out basis when the document is being fully posted. No additional set up is required.

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