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How Are Charities Embracing Cloud Accounting?How Are Charities Embracing Cloud Accounting?

Many charities have already switched their accounting system for cloud based software. These organisations can save money and time while meeting the current demands of the modern Not-For-Profit Sector. So why wouldn’t charities opt for cloud accounting software?


Charities Work


Current Situation

According to a report from exponential-e, “Third Sector Reaches for the Cloud”, 39% of respondents admitted they hadn’t considered cloud as a solution at all. The main reason behind this includes budget constraints. This isn’t a surprise considering the reduced budget charities manage.

However, this doesn’t necessary need to be true - there are many cloud accounting solutions not involving a large initial capital outlay.


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Why Cloud?

Charities can indeed take benefits of cloud accounting but they need to, firstly, understand how it works. So what is “the cloud”? And how does it work? Cloud based software, unlike traditional software that required computer installation, runs by a cloud host and all services and features are hand over the internet.

Practically speaking, charities and their employees don’t need to be experts in technology to use cloud based accounting software - the software it’s specially designed to be simple and easy to use, so you can access it to do what you do best.


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Tips For Successfully Use Cloud Accounting Software

There are many ways cloud accounting that can assist charities:

  • Financial management

  • Reducing IT costs

  • Improving collaboration and remote working for all team members

  • It’s secure!


For charities working globally, a multi currency solution can meet the necessary requirements for cross-country financial data. You are able to manage entries with different currencies, all in the same place.

You need to make sure, since you’re dealing with very sensitive data, that the software you are using has the security you need. From data security, to data recovery and automatic backups, your data can be safe, recoverable and available to you upon request.


Save Money


Saving Money With Cloud

We have been working with a large number of such organisations who are constantly having to battle with delivering services whilst keeping costs down. To make things easier we offer standard discounts to all registered charitable organisations and deliver services to help implement our solutions at reduced daily rate. This approach has proved very popular with many clients who see us helping them achieve their goals as opposed to being just another supplier.

We are proud to work alongside organisations working to the common good. If you are a registered charity or similar not-for-profit organisation you might like to look at the Case Study about Online Accouting for Charities.

Are you employed by a Charity organisation? Is cloud accounting benefiting you? Let us know how you’re embracing this technology.

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