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Top 4 Cloud Accounting Trends To Keep An Eye OnTop 4 Cloud Accounting Trends To Keep An Eye On

The accounting industry is undertaking to continue its growth this year, as technology evolves and policies requirements change.

Accountants have been engaging with cloud software to shape their careers and better managing their business and finance. Instead of just waiting for year end, accountants can use this technology to control their businesses and keep their accounts up-to-date.


Cloud Accounting Trends


So what can account community gain from cloud finance? Here are four trends already in the foreground this year:





Mobile devices are being used more often by accountants (and businessmen in general). According to a study by wearesocial agency, 51% of the world population has a mobile phone and 31% of internet users deploy from a mobile and 7% from a tablet.

Without doubt, these numbers show how people migrate and the importance of mobile phones in this action.

With this in mind, mobile friendly websites, platforms and email marketing campaigns are of crucial importance for brands (softwares in this case), that need to be focused on this mobility and how accountants access information these days. This is the beginning of the “on the go” world and companies need to get their strategies focused. But this is another story

There is a need for accountants to turn to their mobile for various tasks including authorization of expenses, timesheets, capturing of relevant and new information (about customers, suppliers, products, projects, and many more); and all of this can be done from mobile phones (or tablets) at anytime from anywhere.

Accountants need to have that information available in this devices and cloud is the flexible technology they need - so it calls for a flexible device.


Specialised Integration And Functionality Interfaces


The world is a global village and cloud software needs to deliver personal accounts to a global planet. More universal features will flourish. Yes, it’s already comprehensive but it will get even better!

Platforms will be able to be multi currency, multi language and completely devoted to you, the user! Comprehensive and specialised functions, integrating requirements, the entire number of features for you to use or just a partial quantity, the accounting software should offer the integration that you need.


Social Collaboration


Socials tools will have an increase of utility in business and will completely prevail over traditional paper. Modern technologies have presented us with a new era of data mobility, with sophisticated technology and instant information can allow us to fully participate in corporate conversations or document sharing on the go.

Chats; micro bloggings: integration, communication with employers; customers; prospects; you name it! You can use any device, any platform, at any time to closely discuss information with colleagues or share documents, or simply problem solving - on the go!


The Device


The next years will see far more innovative technology than we’ve seen until now. We’ve been using our computers, our mobile phones and our tables. And still, we feel we couldn’t be more innovative. Wrong.

The devices we use today will soon be updated to new ones and you will soon use your cloud account software on your smart watch, your smart bicycle or your smart glasses. The future devices will be wearable and accountants who will work on the go will easily consume the cloud with this technology.




These are exciting times for accounting and cloud technology industries, with much innovation and work being called upon allowing professionals to employ and develop their expertise on accounting activities.

This is what we analyse from 2014 and what we expect to happen in 2015. What about you? Do you agree with us, or do you have a trend in mind that we missed and think we should have mentioned? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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