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Latest Updates From Aqilla: 1503 ReleasedLatest Updates From Aqilla: 1503 Released

We'd like to wish all our customers a very Happy Easter and at the same time we are pleased to announce the introduction of a new set of enhancements as part of our 1503 version release. The principal new features include:


 Rough Journals

Improvements have been added to make it easier to link between a Journal Header Document and the transactions that have been rough posted in the ledger.

A link has been added to the Journal List and Journal Document views to navigate to the ledger transactions. A link has also been added to the Account and Ledger Enquiries to navigate to Journal Document.

Disabled Projects & Items 

A Disabled flag has been added to both the Project Edit and the Item Edit functions. This flag has the following options:

  • No: The project/ item is fully usable;

  • Entry Disabled: The project/ item cannot be selected for entry into any document. Any project/ item that has already been entered into a document is still valid;

  • Posting Disabled: A document containing the project/ item cannot be posted;

  • Reporting Disabled: A Financial Report with a breakout by project/ item will excluded this project/item.

Please note that these settings are progressive levels of disablement. Thus Posting Disabled also implies Entry Disabled, and Reporting Disabled implies Posting Disabled and Entry Disabled.

Inventory - Manual Allocation 

All Sales Invoice types now support manual allocation of inventory in addition to the existing automatic allocations methods.

If an item is flagged as inventory controlled, a new button is displayed depending on the item’s Matching Method. If the Matching Method is set to Manual, the user must manually select the receipted transaction(s) to match against - for example matching a specific model number or serial number specific allocated to a customer.

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