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Majority of Companies True Believers When It Comes To CloudMajority of Companies True Believers When It Comes To Cloud

LONDON 2015 - Survey uncovers the reality of Software as a Service




According to a recent survey run across our social network audience, 93% of executives are committed to the adoption of Cloud technology, having already implemented or likely to implement cloud computing technology in the next 5 years.


As technology evolves, more of us use Cloud technology in some way, sometimes without even realising it. For some executives, it’s easier to implement Cloud in their organisations than others, but in reality we all use it. We may use it to store or share our family pictures via our computer; through the use of apps on our smartphones or just by buying the latest book from our favourite author on Amazon.



For individuals who are familiar with cloud technology on a personal basis, it will be easier to implement on a professional level. The survey found that 74% of executives use some kind of cloud-based personal data storage solution (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and others). When talking about the App Business, the number of drops to around 37%. This is still a significant number given the relative infancy of the marketplace.


According to the survey, 67% of executives see Cloud as a way of saving money, tending to associate on-premise with higher costs of ownership. When asked about security, the majority of the executives consider cloud computing as safe and secure as any other platform option available.



Conclusion: More and more of our daily routine involves Cloud technology, sometimes without even knowing it, we are there, up in the Cloud. These findings show that adoption will continue to grow with most executives being more than ever open to the Cloud, and likely to invest in in modern intuitive systems (if they haven’t already).

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