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What Your Accounting Software Supplier Doesn’t Want You To KnowWhat Your Accounting Software Supplier Doesn’t Want You To Know

With industry stalwart Intuit selling off its on-premise desktop Quicken product, when is Sage going to do the same? Discover why thousands of users are choosing to work with a new breed of supplier.


Stop What You Are Doing

Switch For Something Better

In the last few years, thousands of companies have switched to work with a new breed of Cloud Based Accounting software, eschewing the traditional legacy on-premise desktop and client-server solutions and in doing so saved time and money. Why?

Cloud Based Accounting Solutions in effect provides a modern approach to a traditional challenge – a complete accounting system hosted and managed by a specialist service provider and accessed by users over the web via an internet browser for a small monthly rental or subscription fee. Users gain access to the latest software without the need for capital investment in hardware and licences, or ongoing management and upgrades.

People are changing because such an approach consistently demonstrates a range of benefits. Along with increased organisational agility, Cloud based accounts saves time, saves money and reduces IT complexity that can get in the way of day-to-day activity.

A survey conducted by specialist accounting vendor Aqilla in 2015, highlighted 93% of executives being committed to the adoption of Cloud technology, having already implemented or likely to implement cloud computing technology in the next 5 years. In addition, 74% were already using some kind of cloud-based data storage solution (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and others) and 67% perceiving Cloud as a way of saving money, tending to associate on-premise with higher costs of ownership. When asked about security, the majority of the executives consider cloud computing as safe and secure as any other platform option available.

Notably, those that had switched the Cloud Based solutions reported that it had been easy to migrate from previous software - each had been able to “wrap the system around” in stark contrast to previous experience. In addition, by interfacing with line of business systems to reduce data entry (using API technology), most had seen a reduction in the time taken to close off month end (on average all had managed to bring this down from 10 days to 5 days); at the same time removing the need to maintain expensive servers and other internal IT systems, and benefiting from the flexible subscription models available.

Is your organisation adapting to this change?


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