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How Can You Be Environmentally Responsible With Cloud Computing's Help?How Can You Be Environmentally Responsible With Cloud Computing's Help?

Do you know how much worldwide data centre energy usage that cloud computing could reduce? Did you ever wonder how much energy you could save with the cloud?


At Aqilla, we believe it's important for you, as a user, to know how your cloud provider is implementing environmental practices. It is also important for us, as a Cloud Based solution, to make sure we embrace these practices as much as possible and keep our customers informed.


Why Green?

That's why we created a White Paper with all information you need:

  • Data & curiosities of how cloud computing could help reduce carbon footprint;
  • How Aqilla is implementing environmentally-friendly practices;
  • How you, as a user, can sustain a "digital workplace";
  • What our customers think about our green communication and how we apply our environmental practices.


Our Customers' Feedback

Since we were founded in 2006, the world changed in different ways. But most importantly, our users became aware of the environmental issues surrounding them.

We surveyed our users to know how they perceive Aqilla and our environmental practices. According to the results of our green survey, Cloud Based Technology continues to enjoy high support from our users.

The responses confirm that most of our users mainly work with cloud-based software at work. This shows the support growth Cloud Computing has inside businesses. This also reveals that companies are more conscious of Cloud Based Computing’s environmental- friendly advantages.

According to a study run by Pike Research, Cloud Computing technologies could reduce 38% of worldwide data centre energy usage by 2020. These findings are encouraging for organisations who would like to pursue green practices and integrate them by rethinking the solutions they use.

Our users have proven to become more and more paperless. From the surveyed users, 52.94% are entirely paperless or have the majority of their documents stored digitally, rather than printed. We have also found that more than half of these users not only store their documents digitally, but they store them in the cloud.

By being a cloud-based company, we spare no effort to be a 100% paperless company. We follow environmental practices to continuously protect and preserve the environment we operate in.

We want our users to be knowledgeable of our efforts to follow environmental practices so we asked them how much they appreciate the environmental benefits of using our solution. The response was inspiring: the majority of our surveyed users, more specifically 82.35%, appreciate our paperless and environmentally friendly solution.


Find Out More

Find out how you can impact the environment with simple steps by reading our "Save The Planet With The Cloud" white paper.

Don't miss out our green infographics, with interesting facts of how much reducing paper usage can impact our planet and fascinating data & statistics of Cloud Computing.

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