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The Biggest Charity IT Trends to Watch For in 2016The Biggest Charity IT Trends to Watch For in 2016

Technology is, by its very nature, all about innovation and will continue to break down barriers in the way that Charities and Not-for-Profit organisations work.


Last year. we saw 3D printing and prosthetic arms being successfully developed and reaching many milestones. 2016 will see the emergence of a number of technology trends capable of transforming the manner in which value is delivered to stakeholders.


Big Data

The understanding of, and the ability to derive meaning from, the huge range of information held within an organisation to shape strategy and delivery. Big data is disrupting how we live, consume media and shop online. An algorithm could even predict the causes that matter to a certain individual. Data can be used to revolutionised the way we live our lives and the way people connect with causes.


A Younger Audience

It is crucial for charities to communicate effectively with younger donors who, nowadays, according to nfpSynerg, “....tend to trust charities the most with 61% of 16-24 year-olds trusting charities a great deal or quite a lot” and who can significantly influence success in fundraising and overall social engagement.



Device Connectivity

Constant connectivity is affecting our relationships and the way we position our organisations, providing more information to people than ever before. According to Google, 77% of our mobile searches are made from a non-mobile location. Constant connectivity equals constant engagement.


The Internet of Things

Essentially, this means that every single device will be connected in one big global network. Given the considerable number of donations made online, how are you going to ensure you are connected to maximise your presence online in terms of donations and service delivery?



Mobile Payment

Similarly, the growth in mobile payment transactions’ popularity should help Charities drive income upwards. People freely choosing the convenience of digital payments is a great opportunity to make donating faster and easier.


Protecting The Citizen With Cyber Security

Robust data security is essential. This can be achieved by simply ensuring staff are informed and alert, doing regular back-ups, changing passwords often; as well as ensuring systems are hosted in appropriate enterprise-class data centre locations.


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