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Happy Easter! Great New Functionality With Aqilla 1603Happy Easter! Great New Functionality With Aqilla 1603

If you have logged in to your account in Aqilla this morning, you may have already found some Easter Eggs ready to be used. Thanks to our modern, agile and wholly reliable development practices, today sees another new release of Aqilla, the best mid-range accounting and business solution in the Cloud.


Enquiry Profiles (or Saved or Sticky Enquiries)

The ability to save a complex defined selection for any of the Enquiry account, ledger or document options was introduced in the last release.

Aqilla Release 1603 Enquiry Profiles (or Saved or Sticky Enquiries)

This time around not only is the selection saved but also the sort sequence or order that the data is presented in.

User Details

The login name is now displayed at the top of the screen. This is also a drop-down list of actions that can be performed associated with the login. These are currently:

  • Change Password
  • Logout

Aqilla Release 1603 User Details

Aged Reports – Historic Ageing

Improvements have been made to the display of the aged columns when using the Period Cut Off feature in the Reports-Aged Analysis function.

Previously it was necessary to include allocated transactions to be able to create a report that matches the Trial Balance totals for a specified period. This, however, shows transactions within the aged columns whether or not they have been allocated.

Aqilla Release 1603 Aged Reports – Historic Ageing

It is now possible to create a report excluding allocated transactions that still matches the Trial Balance totals. Note that in practice the report includes any transactions prior to the cut-off period that are allocated to transactions posted after the cut-off period.

New Permission Feature for Home Page Gadgets

It is now possible to protect individual Gadgets to limit who may add or view a gadget on their home page.

Within the Gadget Details view under the Configuration tab, there is an additional check box to mark that the gadget is protected.

Aqilla Release 1603 New Permission Feature for Home Page Gadgets

If a gadget is protected, a permission is created for that gadget and anyone who is to be given access to the gadget must be given the permission by adding the permission to an existing role or creating an additional role.

Note that a user may be assigned to multiple roles with conflicting permissions. A “Not Granted” permission will take precedence over a “Granted” permission.

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