True-Cloud solutions, like Aqilla, handle their accounting software in secure, reliable and compliant data centres, ensuring constant 24/7 service and state-of-the-art data privacy protection for all customers. With September seeing the 4th annual National Insider Threat Awareness Month, we’ve brought you the top 5 benefits that true-Cloud can offer your organisation when it comes to digital security!


Numerous, frequent backups

Running regular, incremental backups, true-Cloud software offers advanced disaster recovery, where backups are stored externally in security-compliant data centres. Aqilla runs two separate backup protocols: a database backup; and a file system and state backup. Backups are run using a weekly rotation and 28 days retention cycle as standard, meaning that every server runs full backup once a week and incremental backups every other day.


Data storage and security

All of your data should be stored as guided by the National Cyber Security Centre’s 14 Cloud Security Principles in order to prevent attacks or intrusions. Aqilla’s security measures are regularly audited, to ensure that we maintain state-op-the-art protection of your data, using true-Cloud to allow instant access to all of your data, via any device.


Unbeatable up-time

One of the biggest advantages of true-Cloud accounting is that the digital and Cloud native nature of the accounting software means that your organisation’s accounting system is available 24/7, with unbeatable up-times, compared with on-premise solutions. Aqilla has boasted a 99.99% availability since 2008, bringing organisations an ERP and accounting solution that is extremely reliable, giving them the confidence to drive their business and grow their operations without apprehension.


Immediate access to updates

Furthermore, true-Cloud offers the ability for software to innovate and update In the background, with little or no effect on users’ business operations. As a result, customers have immediate access to new functionality, without any downtime! Developments and updates in Aqilla are subject to regular security reviews to ensure weaknesses are never created in the system.


Software design

Finally, true-Cloud business and accounting software, such as Aqilla, is designed and configured using ‘instances’ so that customers can only access their own data and software optimisations. User management within Aqilla is secure and restricted to essential, qualified users only so that all of your business and customer data is protected.


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