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Cloudy With A (Very Good) Chance Of Savings!Cloudy With A (Very Good) Chance Of Savings!

A decade ago the voluntary sector was in good shape, thanks to a cash rich financial climate. Today the accepted financial forecasts for the voluntary sector are ones of doom and gloom. Yet many charities working with Aqilla expect to increase the volume of services they offer this year.

7 Reasons To Switch From SunSystems7 Reasons To Switch From SunSystems

There are many reasons why more and more companies are choosing to switch from traditional legacy, on-premise solutions to a modern cloud based accounting software.

Aqilla Release 1401 Now OutAqilla Release 1401 Now Out

A new year and new functionality for all Aqilla end users is being made available today with the release of 1401.

How Can Companies Use Social Media In 2014?How Can Companies Use Social Media In 2014?

Remember the first time you sent a text message? And how quickly it took before you couldn’t be bothered to make a phone call rather than the simplicity of a text?

Microsoft Excel Licensing - What You Can And Can't DoMicrosoft Excel Licensing - What You Can And Can't Do

As a software author we are very keen to ensure that all our customers subscriptions are correct and in line with the day to day usage.

Excel For Reporting - Panacea Or Pants?Excel For Reporting - Panacea Or Pants?

There were recent reports of how an Excel error caused two esteemed economists to come to the wrong conclusions on the impact of low growth on government spending plans; this raises an old favourite of the accounting profession - is Excel a solution to reporting needs or can it create more trouble that it solves?

Did The DWP Consider Running The UK's Payroll?Did The DWP Consider Running The UK's Payroll?

Real-time information or RTI where employers now submit wages and tax information on a monthly basis has been introduced into the UK recently by HMRC and there were some reported problems as the system went live.

Cloud vs. Carbon - Observations From The Charity Finance Group IT Conference 2013Cloud vs. Carbon - Observations From The Charity Finance Group IT Conference 2013


Last year we supported the CFG IT Conference. Charity Finance Group is the charity that champions best practice in finance management in the voluntary sector.  As promised by the CFG it…

Dealing With Turmoil In Currency RatesDealing With Turmoil In Currency Rates

A quick look at the exchange rate graph between the pound (GBP) and the Euro (EUR) shows some dramatic changes during the first part of 2013.

UK GAAP (2012) - A Look Back At New RequirementsUK GAAP (2012) - A Look Back At New Requirements

During 2012 there were a number of new requirements being added to UK GAAP during 2012 - not least of which is some new terminology.

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