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What Can Ashley Madison’s Data Breach Tell Us About Data Security?What Can Ashley Madison’s Data Breach Tell Us About Data Security?

Ashley Madison would have previously described itself as a leading discreet service. That was of course until it made headline news this summer.

Quiz: Which Cloud Solution Should I Choose?Quiz: Which Cloud Solution Should I Choose?

What's the difference between public, private and hybrid clouds and how can you decide which type of cloud services solution is best for you?

Are Universities Ready For Cloud?Are Universities Ready For Cloud?

We have already seen how several sectors can benefit from cloud-based business solutions including charities, the public sector, financial services and many others. So are universities ready to join the cloud? Is there a key vertical missing out on seeing cloud computing reduce IT complexity and infrastructure costs?

Top 4 Cloud Accounting Trends To Keep An Eye OnTop 4 Cloud Accounting Trends To Keep An Eye On

The accounting industry is undertaking to continue its growth this year, as technology evolves and policies requirements change.

How Are Charities Embracing Cloud Accounting?How Are Charities Embracing Cloud Accounting?

Many charities have already switched their accounting system for cloud based software. These organisations can save money and time while meeting the current demands of the modern Not-For-Profit Sector. So why wouldn’t charities opt for cloud accounting software?

15 Inspirational Ted Talks Worth Watching15 Inspirational Ted Talks Worth Watching

We’ve all been there. We all had days where we needed some inspiration, some motivation. We were desperate enough to open a tab and search for that one person who would drive us creativity when nobody else could. Maybe your favourite Kevin Spacey talk. Or maybe Stephen Hawking’s deepest questions about the universe.

How Cloud Software Was DiscoveredHow Cloud Software Was Discovered

The mystery is finally solved!

Essential Skills Of A Successful CFOEssential Skills Of A Successful CFO

If there’s one thing more damaging than not having a Financial Director in an organisation, then it’s having an ineffective one. Yet, the latest survey from Directorbank showed that four out of five directors had worked with an ineffective or suboptimal Head of Finance.

Protect Yourself OnlineProtect Yourself Online

As of today, the internet is used by almost half the planet's population. It’s remarkable given that only 19 years ago less than 1% of the world even possessed an internet connection and, even then, most would be using slow dial up technology.

Is It Better To Work From Home?Is It Better To Work From Home?

It doesn’t matter how many articles, videos and books will be produced about the impact of technology - we all use it. It not only makes our lives easier, it saves us time and money and it makes sometimes even the impossible, possible.

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