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Dispelling The Myths Of Cloud Accounting: SecurityDispelling The Myths Of Cloud Accounting: Security

Cloud computing has completely changed the accounting process. It delivers high performance and flexibility to the user within a secure environment. Cloud made the essential information available to the people who need it, when they need it – wherever they are. This blog post dispels one of the common myths associated with using cloud accounting software.

10 Questions To Ask When You Are Evaluating An Accounting System10 Questions To Ask When You Are Evaluating An Accounting System

As a company grows, it is essential that the accounting and reporting capabilities grow with it. However, selecting the correct accounting solution can be a daunting process. With more than 600 products to choose from in the UK alone, how do you know that you are choosing the right one?

Heartbleed: Is It Time To Panic?Heartbleed: Is It Time To Panic?

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library.

What To Do At Year End In Aqilla?What To Do At Year End In Aqilla?

For some of you who operate on a traditional tax year basis for your Financial Year, it's time to move on.

Edward Snowden, The NSA, Security In The Cloud And What It Means To Your BusinessEdward Snowden, The NSA, Security In The Cloud And What It Means To Your Business

The recent coverage of the activities of ex CIA analyst Edward Snowden has put a spotlight on the security and risk of both business and personal data. Is he a hero or has he done damage to the national security of the Western world? Opinion differs. Some industry analysts would have you believe that the revelations about US government snooping will cost the cloud industry billions. Our CEO Hugh Scantlebury disagrees:

The Benefits Of Using TimesheetsThe Benefits Of Using Timesheets

How many of you hate timesheets? What is it about timesheets that brings so many of us out in an irrational cold sweat, fever or even hiding under our desks in the hope that they will go away? Or maybe we should rephrase that question: how many of you love timesheets? No one? Ah, yes, up go a couple of hands from the Finance department at the back and your boss sitting at the front. And they have good reason to love timesheets. So while it may be unlikely to get anyone else to love timesheets, here’s we can start to like them.

Is Changing Technology Costing Your Company Too Much?Is Changing Technology Costing Your Company Too Much?

Remember the Y2K bug? You know the one, the pre-millennial tech glitch that was going to see computers shut down, the lights go out, hospitals without power and planes fall out of the sky? It seemed a big deal at the time (and it was), yet when the fireworks went off and the clock struck midnight on the dawn of 2000, everything carried on as normal.

The New Deadline: Are You Ready For SEPA?The New Deadline: Are You Ready For SEPA?

The SEPA (Single European Payments Area) deadline has been extended (again) by six months, which was very welcoming news for the many people who had been thinking how best to tackle this issue. August 2014 is the new deadline which was established by European law for Eurozone countries to move to the SEPA credit and debit transfers scheme.

Cloudy With A (Very Good) Chance Of Savings!Cloudy With A (Very Good) Chance Of Savings!

A decade ago the voluntary sector was in good shape, thanks to a cash rich financial climate. Today the accepted financial forecasts for the voluntary sector are ones of doom and gloom. Yet many charities working with Aqilla expect to increase the volume of services they offer this year.

7 Reasons To Switch From SunSystems7 Reasons To Switch From SunSystems

There are many reasons why more and more companies are choosing to switch from traditional legacy, on-premise solutions to a modern cloud based accounting software.

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