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Telegraph feature Aqilla

The Telegraph feature Aqilla in their "Cloud Computing - 5 steps to making the most of cloud" supplement

AccountingWEB interview

In this AccountingWEB interview, Aqilla's Hugh Scantlebury explains why he is fed up with evangelists who tout "business intelligence" as the answer to all managers' information problems

V3 Magazine discuss increasing use of Internet

Phil Muncaster's (V3 Magazine)and Hugh Scantlebury discuss Deloitte Consulting’s latest report which predicts organisations will increasingly embrace internet technologies to connect the corporate or self purchased devices of remote workers to their networks

It sounds like a great idea but ...It sounds like a great idea but ...

What excuses will people face in moving to web based accounting. Earlier in 2009 a study by Kelton Research on behalf of Avenade of over 500 C-level executives and IT decision makers across 17 countries in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific

Accessibility, flexibility and collaboration are keyAccessibility, flexibility and collaboration are key

The majority of finance professionals see the ability to use applications anywhere and collaboratin withy colleagues as the key drivers for adopting web based services

Aqilla launches essential events for the modern finance professional

A webseminar programme to quickly and simply demystify current hot topics within the accounting industry

Accountancy Age publish latest research from Aqilla

"Flexibility not cost driving ICAEW members to cloud" ICAEW poll reveals finance professionals are persuaded by the flexibility of online computing rather than cost

Cost no longer driving adoption of web-based applications

Accessibility, flexibility and collaboration seen as main benefits, according to latest research from Aqilla

Aqilla featured in Computer Weekly

Small and mid-sized businesses now have an arsenal of hosted services at their disposal, which they can access through a web browser and a secure internet link

What’s in a name?What’s in a name?

As well as using technology, using the right “terminology” is just as important to the modern enterprise. It improves understanding, helps set expectations, speeds up communication and reduces errors.

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