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A “No Nonsense” Accounting Solution for ITN MarkA “No Nonsense” Accounting Solution for ITN Mark

When ITN Mark was bought by the multinational Core Education and Technologies Ltd., it was the right time to move the company’s management reporting up a gear. Already doubtful of his existing system’s ability to meet reporting needs, ITN Mark’s Finance Director, Hetal Panchal worked with his provider to enhance the product but eventually had to roll with a final blow when development costs began to spiral.

Switch Communications have regained control over profit (in just 8 days!)Switch Communications have regained control over profit (in just 8 days!)

Telecoms companies need to identify and allocate individual client costs from a single supplier invoice in order to control profitability. Switch Communications KNEW some accounts were losing them money, but had no way of identifying which ones. Their existing system no longer met their accounting needs and it took just EIGHT DAYS for Aqilla to implement a Cloud Accounting system that meets all their needs.

Independent Product ReviewIndependent Product Review

"Aqilla is the first industrial-strength set of Financials I have seen from the Cloud which matches the products of the established mid-range vendors." David Carter

Aqilla 1304 ReleasedAqilla 1304 Released

We are pleased to introduce another range of enhancements in the latest version of the advanced Cloud based accounting and business system from Aqilla.

Supporting Pump Aid UK & Africa with a robust, reliable Cloud Accounting SolutionSupporting Pump Aid UK & Africa with a robust, reliable Cloud Accounting Solution

Water and sanitation charity negated excessive upgrade costs by turning to the Cloud. Pump Aid compared their existing SunSystems package against Aqilla - this showed there were considerable savings to be made by changing their existing system, plus there was added peace of mind in knowing that all future updates and upgrades would be included and managed as part of their Aqilla subscription.

Aqilla Version 1303 ReleasedAqilla Version 1303 Released

Easter brings a range of further enhancements to the mid range Cloud based accounting and business solution from Aqilla in the form of the 1303 release.

Aqilla Version 1301 ReleasedAqilla Version 1301 Released

We are pleased to announce that version 1301 of Aqilla was released on Tuesday 12th February

Aqilla Version 1212 ReleasedAqilla Version 1212 Released

Latest Release of Aqilla sees the addition of Combined Cheque and Remittances along with new API features

Aqilla Version 1210 Released

As the evenings draw in and Autumn beckons, we are pleased to announce that a new version of Aqilla (1210) was released today.

Keep ahead with the latest softwareKeep ahead with the latest software

Includes a product update discussing all the latest features in Aqilla including updates to Financial Reports; Multi Currency; New Documents; Revaluations; Enquiry Data Filters; Field Level Permissions; More Analysis; Latest updates to the Excel Add-In; Miscellaneous Copy/Reverse and additional Bank formats.

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