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Accessibility, flexibility and collaboration are keyAccessibility, flexibility and collaboration are key

The majority of finance professionals see the ability to use applications anywhere and collaboratin withy colleagues as the key drivers for adopting web based services

What’s in a name?What’s in a name?

As well as using technology, using the right “terminology” is just as important to the modern enterprise. It improves understanding, helps set expectations, speeds up communication and reduces errors.

What makes Aqilla different?What makes Aqilla different?

Back in 2006 SaaS Accounting was in its infancy. Today, with virtually complete national broadband coverage; mobile broadband reducing in price and the increasing popularity of mobile devices such as Netbooks etc. have all had a profound impact on the marketplace.

What you want, not what they wantWhat you want, not what they want

Customers are smart. Today we see more and more customers looking to buy what they actually need and not what the major vendors want to sell them.

Accounting for the 21st CenturyAccounting for the 21st Century

The modern finance department is very different from that which has gone before. It exists to add value and support to businesses; to provide information to aid effective investment and effective corporate governance; to monitor, analyse and influence best practice manage

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