As we close off 2019

Here is a brief round up from Aqilla

Reflections upon the past decade and a look into the future

This holiday season will not only see the end of the year, but the start of a new decade. For over 15 years Aqilla has been focused on developing world-class accounting and finance software and we are feeling somewhat reflective.

The software needed to be easily customisable for each organisation and individual’s needs, whilst simultaneously removing expensive consultancy and ongoing IT maintenance costs that had become the bugbear of finance teams worldwide.

Since we launched our finance and accounting platform, which Gartner describe as “Next Generation ERP” we have seen year on year growth, propelled by an ever-increasing demand for an accounting platform that is always current, always accessible and provides functionality to suit multiple levels – and types – of users.

Embarking on this journey in 2006, founders Hugh Scantlebury and Colin Christianson set out to harness the power of the rapidly expanding use of internet services and a new class of centralised computing and thus developed a product that could be accessed by anyone in the world, at any time.

This approach has seen Aqilla well-equipped to meet a variety of challenges, in a world that has embraced change at a rate that has become almost impossible to keep up with. Utilising the benefits of a cloud-native solution, Aqilla’s software has seen numerous and frequent updates that have been instantaneously rolled out to the entire user-base, with next to no downtime (Aqilla’s uptime since inception is at 99.9997%), at no extra cost and without the need for a single IT professional to ensure the smooth implementation of these updates.

Finding its place

In the early years, it became clear that the level of sophistication and functionality was of most appeal to mid-size enterprises rather than sole-traders and small businesses.

Since then, Aqilla has focused product developments on meeting the needs of growing organisations by providing a feature-rich and hassle-free approach to managing business accounting and finance.


We started off with no actual work space. The co-founders and a few developers would meet at a variety of drop-in work spaces for meetings around London. Since then we have moved to our home in Waterloo, and have increased our office space four times”

Which brings us to the product today

If you ask any (UK based) finance professional what the biggest change of 2019 was for their team they will undoubtedly tell you that the implementation of Making Tax Digital (MTD) takes the top prize.

Product release 1903 back in March 2019, delivered the new MTD interface to all customers faced with meeting these new taxation requirements.

Utilising the benefits of a cloud native platform, Aqilla is able to release updates to all customers instantaneously, with no downtime or last minute panics for any of our users. People simply log in via their browser and be greeted with all of the new functionality.

This year has seen a host of new product releases, delivered simultaneously to all users, including:

  • Group VAT MTD
  • Enhancements to Debtor Statement
  • Multi company Document sequence prefix options
  • New Expense and Expense / Timesheet only user types
  • New Microsoft Excel Add-In features
  • MTD VAT adjustment facility
  • MTD VAT returns in foreign currencies
  • Extensions of the API to support real time account balance data
  • A range of enhancements to the user interface including new coloured background themes to differentiate separate companies

We have seen the platform grow to something used by over 2700 customers across 49 countries, which is something I am immensely proud of as we have managed to get here whilst holding onto the values that we began with, with a vision of becoming pioneers for the adoption of cloud technologies.”

Aqilla has shared a range of new resources including independent research, eBooks and papers.

We know that the world of Finance is in a constant state of change, with new challenges created by a changing workforce, disruptive technologies and globalisation (to name but a few) making the future even less predictable than it ever was. Intrigued as to how this is impacting today’s finance professional, we commissioned some independent research entitled “The Finance Professional for Tomorrow”.

The finance professional for tomorrow

Over 100 finance professionals from a breadth of different industries, contributed to this independent research which discusses topics including:

  • Today’s approach to people and process
  • Re-inventing finance for a digital era
  • Making Tax Digital
  • The future of finance
  • Kicking the paper habit

“The Finance Professional for Tomorrow” can be downloaded here.

Cloud Accounting

eBook: Is Big Brand Always Best?

Every industry and market has what many would refer to as the “big players”; the household brands that every Joe and Jane are familiar with.

But are these big names always the best option for you?

In this paper we examine one such example, highlighting the potential pitfalls that may give you a reason for a rethink.

This holiday season will not only see the end of the year, but the start of a new decade. For over 15 years Aqilla has been focused on developing world-class accounting and finance software.

Back in 2006, Aqilla embarked on their journey to create an accountancy solution that was built for the future. Today, with thousands of users around the globe we are delighted to wish our customers, employees, partners and friends Seasons greetings for 2019 and much happiness and success in 2020.