Author: Ewan Chesterton

E-book: Cloud First in Government Finance and ICT

In this eBook we look into how widespread cloud adoption throughout the public sector can improve efficiency and save on costs, as well as the finer detail of end-user benefits. 


BLOG: The Changing Skill Set in Accountancy

Two-and-a-half thousand years after Heraclitus claimed that “the only constant in this world is change”, his words still ring true as the intensity of change increasingly comes into focus; whether they are cultural and societal, technological, changes in our physical environment or, unavoidably, in our working lives.


Product release: 2020-04

The latest release of Aqilla is now available to all customers: 2020-04


Part of what makes Aqilla so great is the ongoing collaboration we have with our users, here’s our latest customer update.

Last year’s event was a resounding success, with a full day of insights into the Aqilla system, future update announcements, analysis of our Industry Research Report. 

This year’s event will be even bigger and better than the last…